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Welcome to Popular Marketers

The first step to becoming a Popular Marketer is to let people know that you exist...

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Popular Marketers Featured Members

David Spyres
Research By Dave

Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley Inc

Kezz Bracey
Popular Marketers
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This website is a Directory Of Marketers
but it is also much, much more...

Our Community provides all of our members an Opportunity to Share Links with the public, but we are not a link directory...

Your Personal "Popular Marketers" Profile Page is your window to the world, where you can share the links you desire to share with others... It is a tool that will enable you to showcase YOU and Your Business to our membership and the public-at-large...

We have several advertising channels live and operational... Rather than trying to make a one-size-fits-all program, we have several programs to help marketers at all levels find new customers and sales...

If you want to learn more about the Popular Marketers program, we recommend that you join us in Live Chat every Thursday in July, from Noon CST to around 10pm CST... We will be on hand to answer any questions you might have...

If you want to discuss general marketing principles and ideas, with marketers from around the world, join us in Live Chat every Friday night, from 6pm CST to after Midnight CST... You may be surprised at the caliber of marketers who often join us on Friday nights...

Getting Started is Easy... Register Your Free Account Now

We Help Drive New Sales...

Our Community has been designed from the ground up to Help Marketers Sell Goods and Services...

The Driving Principle behind our website is to go beyond simply advertising your stuff, but to also provide the tools and resources that will ensure that we can help you to Make Sales...

Our Community has been designed to Deliver Actual Sales to your business... With an eye towards YOUR bottom line...

Far too often, advertising is a pay-and-pray process...

You buy the advertising and run your ad, then you pray that the advertisement will generate enough sales to cover your cost of advertising and some for profits...

Our Advertising programs have been developed to give you a choice of paying a fee that can be recouped in one sale, or for higher ticket items, to let you pay most of the advertising fee after a successful sale....

  1. For the novice marketer, who has never sold anything online before now, we have developed the "At-Your-Service" Marketplace... We encourage marketers to develop services that can profitably be delivered for only $5.00, because the AYS Marketplace only allows services that are sold for $5.00 to be advertised...

  2. For the intermediate marketer, we have the Popular Marketers Offers or PMO system... Within this system, we have two different advertising levels: Offers and Featured Offers... There is one set price for advertising each, and most marketers will make back their advertising investment with one or two sales...

  3. Our auction system been designed to pay us for actual performance, rather than an abstract fee decided over a cup of coffee one evening... Specifically, our auction sellers pay a small upfront fee to post their auction, but the bulk of the listing fee will be invoiced at the conclusion of the sale... This is great for big ticket items, such as services, consulting, and domain name sales... The small upfront fee ensures that participants will take the time to write the auction listing in a way that encourages the sale... The Transaction Fee after the sale will ensure that we are motivated to help you sell your items...

  4. For marketers, who operate their own websites, we have developed the Viral Advertising Network (VAN)... By posting our Free VAN Code on your website, you will be able to display advertisements for other of our members... For each page view you deliver, you will receive two advertising credits that can be used to advertise your website(s)...

There are very few places, if any other, that would be willing to advertise your goods and services and to allow you to pay for that advertising at the completion of an actual sale...

To be honest, we are not Ebay™... We are not relying upon the larger consumer marketplace to make a profit... We follow a successful business model from cannabis investment opportunity in Vancouver (page) with just a little tweak.

If we did not believe that we could effectively help our customers generate sales, we would have to sell advertising the same way everyone else sells advertising -- Expensive and Paid In Advance...

We have been marketing products and services online for a very long time... Between our principles, we have more than two decades of successful online selling experience...

You must be a Registered Member of our website in order to participate in our advertising programs... It just takes a minute, and it only requires your email address and password, plus verification of your email address... Register Here...

Get Started Within in just a Few Minutes... Register For Free Here

Popular Marketers Featured Members

Terry Jett
How I Make Money Online

George Sepich
Ad Cloner

Tina Golden
PLR Limited Editions

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